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Midvil / Insultor

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Formed in 2014, Midvil defines their music as “a ritual of journey of the mind”.Midvil, aiming to touch the metaphysical world by projecting
their journeys to their tones, published their first album “Great Journey” in October 2017.
The band defines their first EP as “an album about our perception of life”. The album was recorded
by the owner of Kadıköy Jam Sessions Studios, Erhan Kabakçı, at Kadıköy Game of Records Studios.
Mastering and mixing was made by Barış Ergün from Kadıköy Mayday studios.

Insultor mainly uses old audio cassettes found at flea markets, gleaned from household refuse, or on the street. He also uses more recent recordings that are obtained from the artist or distributed in the Berlin record and bookstore Staalplaat that he manages. The recordings, whose quality has often deteriorated with time and use, are sometimes played untreated, sometimes mixed with personal recordings and/or guttural, sepulchral voices. The functions of the dictaphone, an obsolete cassette playback device, allow the sounds to be altered and transformed, sometimes plunging the sonic landscape into a fairground of festive and playful accents… or into obscene and oppressive darkness.

Artwork by Hilal Can -> @hilalcanillustration

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25 April 2018
22:00 - 23:30
Istanbul, Turkey 34435
Kameriye Sokak No: 4 Balıkpazarı Beyoğlu
Phone: 212-251-4398