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Charlotte / Sevill

Paris’den Charlotte ve Peyote residentlarından Sevil 8 Şubat gecesi 23:00’dan itibaren house/techno setleriyle Peyote Nevizade zeminde!

Charlotte (FR)

National Corsica, the young Charlotte has rhythm in her blood. She grows devoting herself completely to music on her drum, curating and expanding her personal knowledge. Once her obligations aside and high school over, Charlotte dashes full-time into electronic music.

She begins by touring in the clubs of her region, forging a solid reputation behind her that propels her towards the Parisian scene. In 2013, she joins Cargèse Sound Festival and affirms her place behind the decks. Her performances mark the spirits as she begins to play alongside some of the mos in the highly-rated names in the industry such as Sonja Moonear, Raresh, TC-80, DJ Masda etc.

Since then, Charlotte has continued to develop her work and share her music throughout Europe from London to the CDV in Berlin. Today she has settled down in Paris where she locks herself in the studios dedicating herself to her productions. By drawing from her influences of the 90’s and at the early 2000’s ; she warps together a dry minimal sound with the brutality of a slightly acid techno. She releases her first EP 777 P on Record RA+RE. It is thus on the 100% femimine parisian label that she signs its 6th elease). She joins then the RA+RE agency.


Sevil Soylu

Sevil started to Djing in Aegean coast heaven Izmir where
is her home town , since 2012.
She is a part of Istanbul & Barcelona based imprint
called Petra Digital/Vinyl Recordings which has releases
with some massive names such as John Tejada, Swayzak,
Joeski etc.
Also , Sevil recently started working with Nerang Recordings which from Gold Coast Australia via Berlin.
Sevil goes with the waves of her sounds from house – lo-fi house to techno then- indie dance, kraut,
new wave until the her higher acid level of music and
will start to release her first grooves soon!


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8 February
22:00 - 23:30
Istanbul, Turkey 34435
Kameriye Sokak No: 4 Balıkpazarı Beyoğlu
Phone: 212-251-4398